My top ten seasonal wishes for healthcare

  1. Support medicine based on individuals; not paper.
  2. Encourage responsive practice; based on divergent thinking with the ability to converge when necessary.
  3. Commit to genuine funding for health, that is, ten percent GDP for ten years from government and private sector.
  4. Ensure that hospitals remain places for treating sick people, not making those who treat them sick.
  5. Fashion our health data so we can understand and own it.
  6. Recognize and reward leaders with vision, competence and commitment at all levels.
  7. Make doing nothing possible again in our health care.
  8. Validate medical migration: it’s essential for global health.
  9. Increase vigilance on health marketing hype, for example, sugar tax and vaping are not solutions to obesity and smoking.
  10. Prioritize people, processes and outcomes not diseases, diagnoses and institutions.

Thanks to all my readers and commenters – you make writing these blogs worthwhile! Wishing you all a safe, enjoyable, productive and contented four seasons.

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