Month: April 2015

Much is made of the need for strong leaders in healthcare. Yet increasing regulation and a fiscally restrictive environment leaves little room to manoeuvre for even the most effective healthcare leaders. For consumers searching for visionary leadership, hospitals (inanimate, often impoverished and frequently imperfect) by their sheer physical presence are emerging as the most visible […]

When we buy a car we are required (in most countries) to provide evidence of third party insurance before we can drive the car on government roads. Similarly, banks require us to take out mortgage insurance to protect their loans. Insurance is about risk coverage and, traditionally, where risk is high so are the premiums. […]

The description of the human genome was a great advance for science. Identifying the 3.0 billion base pairs that make up the genome is no mean feat: compared with Japan’s Paris japonica flower (the largest genome identified so far), which boasts 152.23 billion base pairs, it is quite small. Size makes this discovery important, as […]

Medical research can take on average 17 years to translate into practice. The time from discovering the link between smoking and ill health to implementing a TV ban on smoking advertising was 54 years. Cognitive behavioural therapy for schizophrenia has taken 48 years to gain a foothold in clinical practice, whereas a major drug advance, […]