Month: June 2015

In this day and age few among us could claim to be in the dark about the value of exercise to our wellbeing and longevity. The fitness industry mushroomed during the latter half of the last century; today our marketplace is flooded with watches and other gimmicks to help us track measure and maintain our […]

Not a day goes by without media reference to healthcare delivery. And whether rhetoric is emerging from a political, administrative or provider arena it’s always the same: ‘…healthcare is about the health of all patients not just those who can afford it…’; ‘…value and quality should drive patient services not fee-for-services rendered or bed occupancy’. […]

Last century saw public health advance from what was essentially a communicable disease surveillance activity to a public health and help entity. Public health activists not only described problems in a global way but worked with governments and agencies to prioritise so that real change could occur. In short it became the motivator and effector […]