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Examining bodies is a basic skill for doctors. It is still the first stage in a diagnostic pathway. Nearly every photo we see of doctors has that platinum necklace of physical examination, the stethoscope, swinging from one neck or another. Whilst effective physical diagnosis is universally recognized as essential for good medical practice, there is […]

Medicine is a multinational industry no longer defined by country boundaries. Its main product is a workforce. Like the other major product, pharmaceuticals, clinicians are highly regulated and competitively priced. Unlike pharma however, the “product” has not evolved nor are there a succession of new and better models on the market. Postgraduate medical training is […]

Medical knowledge has exploded and future doctors need more training to be competent, or so the argument goes. But has our obsession with length of courses blown undergraduate medical education and postgraduate medical training courses out of proportion? Today, if you want to be a general practitioner you’ll spend your first five years at medical […]