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Everybody knows how to get weight off. Most of us have tried at least once and usually we have failed to keep the weight off. Most of the strategies we use to lose weight are not sustainable. Up to 50% of dieters who reduce their weight to a healthy level, put weight back on within […]

What does it mean to be fit? Fitness is not just a life long journey of improvement; nor is it something we build upon for life. We now have an increasing body of evidence that changes in fitness are dynamic. Even in the elderly it doesn’t have to decline with increasing age. It can get […]

Is it time we let computers drive our medical care? According to the World Health Organization, there was a global shortage of 7.2 million health providers in 2013, and this figure will to increase to 12.9 million by 2035. Establishing new medical schools, which every country has adopted, isn’t a long term solution. Increasing the […]

Pet is a term of endearment. It suggests that the bond humans have with their companion animals is loving and supportive. Recently, pets have become more than just part of the family. Now having a pet has become medicalised. Zooeyia is the technical name for human health benefits of companion animals. Zooeyia has been linked […]

The number of people going online to seek out health information has doubled in the last decade, from over 30% to over 60%. The patient community is dichotomising rapidly into health technologists, who use online resources frequently and health traditionalists, who seldom use the Internet.  Today, three out of every four North Americans use commercially […]

Medicine is not just a science. It is a living practice. Translating emerging science into practice is one of the key skills of doctors. Before scientific knowledge became viral, translation was merely a matter of communication. Now, as the science of medicine reaches epidemic proportions, it is becoming more and more difficult to perform this […]

Medicine is a multinational industry no longer defined by country boundaries. Its main product is a workforce. It is time to disrupt our rigid health care so that it can bend For example, doctors now can work autonomously and remotely from their traditional locations for at least some of their work-time. Radiologists, for example, now […]