Top New Year Wishes

Time to spin some wishes into reality. Here is my top ten, in no particular order. Share yours in the comments box.

  1. Science never turns into science fiction, nor medical evidence twisted into medical factoid.
  2. COVID vaccination rates globally reach at least 90%. 
  3. COVID continues to morph into another influenza – like illness.
  4. Public health units are reinstated to their former premier position in health care and receive adequate funding to reinstate effective public health policies.
  5. Community-based lobbying for legislation to ensure the independence of these public health units from undue political pressure.
  6. WHO headquarters move to Africa, so that high ranking officials can experience first-hand the crises in healthcare they are making recommendations about.
  7. Countries with long-standing decorations and honours for those in the military create a new and separate category of honours for health care workers.
  8. Regulatory approval processes of new pharmaceuticals and medical devices become more transparent and open to wider public consultation.
  9. Legislative opponents of abortion be required to foster and/or adopt at least one child who ends up in foster care after an unwanted pregnancy.
  10. Non-specific symptoms recover their status, e.g., most coughs are just coughs, most headaches are just headaches.

“See y’all” in the new year for Round Six of

Next year I am hoping to have some guest bloggers, so if you would like to try your hand at blogging or want to cross blog, message me in the comments box. Looking for pieces that challenge and move thinking forward. Cis female, White, Jewish, Left-handed, Married, Lesbians with MDs and PhDs need not apply – we already have that box ticked!

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